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Distribution of media tickets at the SMC's

Media match tickets are distributed at the media centres (SMC's) in accordance with the name of the respective organisation and NOT the name of the media representative. Should there be any staff changes within an organisation in connection with the use of match tickets, the new media representative will receive his ticket in the name of his organisation upon presenting his media accreditation. Assigned ticket quotas will be allocated by the organisation itself in coordination with their representatives.

PLEASE NOTE: Each journalist/photographer and their MEDIA ORGANISATION WILL BE CONSIDERED RESPONSIBLE FOR NOT CANCELLING A MEDIA TICKET which they finally do not use. The media organisation will receive a warning the first time such a situation takes place. The second time, they will lose the number of tickets corresponding to the number of no-shows from their next match media ticket allocation, and the third time, they would be denied any further media tickets.

If you intend to cancel your match ticket, you MUST visit the FIFA Media Channel ( ticket section ) and cancel your ticket request. FIFA will NOT accept ticket cancellations via e-mail, telephone or fax.

In case of short-term problems contact the Media Ticket Hotline at 0700 2006 2640 (International +49 700 2006 26 40).