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Come play beach soccer on 2 and 3 July at the SMC in Berlin

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2006

Media are invited to come and play beach soccer on 2 and 3 July at the sand pitch close to the Stadium Media Center in Berlin and win a trip to Rio de Janeiro

The 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany ™ is already at full throttle, and we are glad to have football's premier competition hosting a showcase of what is coming up from 2 to 12 November 2006 on Rio de Janeiro's majestic Copacabana Beach. The second edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup will feature the top 16 nations in the globe fighting for the crown of this dazzling ballgame, and we want you to catch a glimpse of just how entertaining this sport can be.

On 2 and 3 July the official beach soccer pitch that is being built right beside the Stadium Media Centre (SMC) in Berlin will host a tournament between teams formed by members of the accredited media. Besides all the fun, we will run a sweepstakes to award to one of the players a weekend-trip for two to Rio de Janeiro to watch the finals of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2006! Gather your top talents and take part of the action!

How to register a team?

We invite the media accredited to the 2006 FIFA World Cup to form rosters of 8-10 players and submit the delegation list form ( attached ) by FAX (+34.93.470-5089) to Bruno Sassi before 30 June. Every registered team must have a captain, who should be the contact person responsible for representing the players. Registration can also be made individually, but priority will be given to the first 16 complete squads to enter the competition. Depending on the teams' availability, the tournament organization will try to distribute individual entries among the existing rosters.

Competition format

The 16 squads will play in knockout-round on 2 and 3 July. The match schedule will be made according to the time preferences filled in the entry form. The calendar should be as follows:

2 July: Round of 16 and Quarterfinals

3 July: Finals, Semi finals and Consolation bracket (as per teams' availability)

How to play

Every match of the tournament will be played in two halves of 12 minutes, instead of the official three periods. In case of a draw, a shootout of alternate penalty kicks will take place.

Athletes must play barefoot, so everything you will need is a shirt and short pants. Bibs will be distributed to identify the teams. The competition will be played under the official FIFA Laws of the Game, and the most important items to be reminded are:

  • Each team fields 5 players (including the goalkeeper) Substitutions are unlimited and can be made at anytime, without stopping the match The clock will only stop when there is a foul or a goal is scored Free kicks must be taken by the same player who suffered the foul There are no walls: when there is a free kick, all players must stay 5 meters away from the imaginary lines that lead the ball to the two posts Throw ins and corner kicks may be taken either with the hands or the foot

Contact For any further information, please contact Bruno Sassi: , Tel.: +34.93.470.5092, Mobile: +34.662.17 78 57, Fax: +34.93.470-5089