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2006 FIFA World Cup™ closing ceremony programme

For four weeks now, Germany has been celebrating an exuberant football party and has shown its colours as a friendly and appealing host to all its guests from around the world.

400 volunteers and the international stars, Shakira and Il Divo, will top off this emotion with a fiery and creative closing ceremony of the 18th FIFA World Cup. The closing ceremony, which will last about 10 minutes, will showcase modern and cheerful Germany which succeeded in astonishing the entire world during the four weeks of this unforgettably wonderful football festival.

Artevent, which has been in charge of bringing to life André Heller's ideas for over a decade, is responsible for the closing ceremony concept. This short event is choreographed by the American, Doug Jack. André Heller commissioned the Wiesbaden-based 3deluxe to develop this short show in the run-up to the final on the stairs of the marathon gate of the Olympiastadion.

The show will run as follows: