USA-New Zealand: Quotes

USA coach Wilmer Cabrera “From the first second we went out trying to win the game so that we could win the group and get the higher seed. We kept great possession and created great chances, but we failed to finish our chances. My players came out with energy and with the desire to prove that we are a good team. After seeing this showing tonight, I am sure that we belong in the second round of this tournament and we can look forward to even better things as we go forward. We understand that Mexican fans don’t support us. This is clear because we are rivals; it is totally normal. It is something that our players are learning to deal with.” New Zealand coach Aaron McFarland “The game was as expected. We did our homework on the USA and we knew what was going to come our way. What’s most important is how our boys played so far here in Mexico and I am pleased that we are moving through to the second round as this was our goal. It’s a great achievement for our country, a young football nation. Our development program in New Zealand is getting results and you can see that now that we’ve reached the second round twice in a row at the U-17 World Cup. We’re moving in the right direction.”