Mexico-Congo: Quotes

Congo coach Eddie Hudanski“I would have liked to come to this press conference with a bigger smile, but this is how things go sometimes. I am here to talk about football, not the referee. Although we finished with nine players and that affected our game, there is nothing to complain about, and Mexico showed how good of a team it is. We proposed our game until the second red card, but at the end, I think we felt our lack of international experience."

Mexico coach Raul Gutierrez“I did not like the performance of my team much. We had our good moments, but they were not consistent, and in several parts of the match we stopped doing the things we practice: we hurried the ball on the defensive end, we divided the ball, and we missed passes. I do recognize the attitude of going for the victory and getting it, and, of course, it is always easier to correct the mistakes when you win."