Trophy Tour kicks off in Santiago

On Tuesday, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, together with Sports Minister Natalia Riffo and Chilean Football Association President Sergio Jadue, set the ball rolling on the Official Trophy Tour of the FIFA U-17 World Cup Chile 2015 in Santiago.

Plaza de la Constitucion, a traditional gathering place for national celebrations and local events and located right in front of Chile’s seat of government, was chosen as the venue for the launch.

"I'm glad to see that we are getting closer to the U-17 World Cup. The tournament does not start only when the ball starts rolling, but also with activities like this Trophy Tour. And it is no accident that we are doing this event from the Plaza de la Ciudadania, a symbolic place of reunion: We want all to feel a part of it and join us. This is also an opportunity to show the world our identity and tourist attractions, and that we want to transmit throughout the sport a message of companionship and friendship," President of Chile Michelle Bachelet said.

Also in attendance were Miguel Ponce, coach of the Chile U-17 team, and members of the board of the Chilean FA and of the Local Organising Committee.

"Today, next to us, we have the precious reward that the 24 delegations will fight for at the FIFA U-17 World Cup Chile 2015. One that, just as the Copa America, we hope to stay here with us until the next edition, and hopefully will become a symbol of the union of the Chilean people," Sergio Jadue, president of the Chilean Football Federation said.

The Champions Trophy, for which 504 players will be battling on Chilean soil between 17 October and 8 November during ‘Una fiesta en nuestra cancha’ (A party on our pitch), as the Official Slogan goes, will be dispatched on a tour of the tournament’s eight host cities that will last over 40 days.

This will enable the maximum number of fans in the cities and in surrounding communities to have the opportunity to come and get a photograph taken beside the authentic silver and copper prize.

The trophy The creative impetus behind the design of the U-17 World Cup trophy stemmed from an attempt to visualise football as a contact sport that requires strength, athleticism and preparation in equal measure. These aspects are symbolised by two supports at full stretch, making contact with the football in a competitive spirit.

The structure is simultaneously strong, while remaining a delicate representation of the game's natural balance between opposing teams.

The international dimension of the event is represented by the globe in the shape of a football – a consistent feature among almost all of FIFA's World Cup trophies.

The Official Trophy Tour continues its journey through Chile, visiting all of the U-17 World Cup host cities on the following dates:

·         La Serena: 20 to 23 August

·         Coquimbo: 24 to 26 August

·         Vina del Mar: 29 August to 2 September

·         Talca: 4 to 7 September

·         Chillan: 9 to 12 September

·         Concepcion: 14 to 17 September

·         Puerto Montt: 22 to 25 September

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