Quotes: USA-Croatia

"I can't explained what happened in the second half. In the first we scored twice and had some other chances, but above all we were able to keep control of the ball. I don't think my players were over-confident at 2-0, but they lost their composure: you can't defend a whole match against a team as good as that and who put that much pressure on you like Croatia. At the end, not everything is bad, we have one point and we can still advance," Richie Willams, USA coach.

**"If you offered the draw at half time, I would have taken it. But after how we played the second half, we deserved the victory. In the first time we defended poorly and they scored two goals out of three shoots, but we had our chances. Then we asked for the heart of our players and they responded with personality and also with talent. Either you believe or not in luck, today it was not on our side," Dario Basic, Croatia coach.**