Quotes: South Africa-Korea DPR

​"We started the match well, with an early penalty that gave us the 1-0 lead. However, our enthusiasm worked against us. We lost our focus, and our opponent took advantage of it. We created goal chances, but Korea DPR’s great defensc denied us more goals. Even with this result, we still have hopes of moving on to the next phase. If we win our next match, against Russia, we’d have four points, which could see us through the group stage to the knockout round,"Molefi Ntseki, South Africa coach.

**​"Today was a very important game for the team. Unfortunately, in the first half, only a few minutes from the start, we lost a player to the red card. We had to play with ten players but we did the best with those left. After that, we had many chances to score but we could not finish these. In the last game, we have to do better than this match," Yon Kwang Mu, Korea DPR coach.**