Quotes: Russia-South Africa

"We’re very sad because we didn’t expect such negative results. We didn’t get the first objective which was to qualify to the next round. In this match we had a lot of discipline and organisation but unfortunately we couldn’t score. We gave three penalties away during the tournament and we couldn’t improve on this part of our game. Nonetheless, I’m happy for the opportunity that our players had and we’re very proud to represent our country," Molefi Ntseki, South Africa.

“It was a hard match, because of the game that South Africa played. During the first half we managed to get an early lead, but in the second half we gave a lot of space to them, and they managed to give us a hard time during the match. However, our team’s qualities allowed the result to be in our favor. We’re happy because we’re still in the competition, and because we’ll still remain in Concepcion," Mikhail Galaktionov, Russia coach.