Quotes: Russia-Costa Rica

“It was a very difficult match for us and the first half was not the game we expected it to be. In the second half we managed to make the game more balanced.  Also there was a very difficult moment but our goalkeeper Maksimenko managed to save the penalty. He’s a very good goalkeeper for his age category and he has good qualities and can really save the team in such episodes. I wouldn’t say that we were surprised by Costa Rica’s game. We have been preparing for this game. The only thing which I can say surely now is that the team failed in the first half,” Russia coach, Mikhail Galaktionov.

**“I think we did not win the game because it was difficult. Sergio Ramirez couldn’t manage to score the penalty in the first half but he is happy because he has scored. We can recognise the efforts of everybody as it is a team. One point was very important. We’re very grateful for everybody here in Concepcion. All the people have been very nice to me and I wish to come back here,” Costa Rica coach, Marcelo Herrera.**