Quotes: Mexico-Chile

“It was a tough match, as we expected, because at these stages there are no easy rivals. We conceded a goal but the team kept calm. Chile made things hard for us and we didn’t expect to concede a goal from a set piece. But the team had a good reaction and in the second half we were better. We found spaces and the other goals came. At the end, one team had to say goodbye and Mexico goes through," Mario Arteaga, Mexico coach.​

“It’s sad, because we did what we had to do during almost the whole of the first half against a really good team. We did a good job and as a result, we scored. That’s the way it should have finished in the first half. Then, Mexico would have taken more risks in the second. But with that quick equaliser, we began the second half in a different mood. And Mexico played really well and we couldn’t stop them. They scored the second goal very fast. And with 3-1 we had some big chances, but couldn’t convert," Miguel Ponce, Chile coach.​