Quotes: Mali-Honduras

“We were hoping to win the match, although we knew that Mali was going to be a tough opponent. We knew we had to be very tactical to stop them and managed to avoid them taking advantage of their speed, but they made the difference with three shots from outside and from the edge of the box. We are happy to have been here in Chile, although we are sad for the defeats. But I think this experience is going to be positive for my players in the future," Jose Valladares, Honduras coach.

**“I’m very happy with the result. My team dominated during the game and I’m very satisfied with the attitude and effort of my players. This is a long journey that began a while ago in the African qualifying and now we have finished in the first position in our group. Mali finished in third position in U-20 finals that took place some months ago in New Zealand and this is our goal too: be in the four best teams of this tournament," Baye Ba, Mali coach.**