Quotes: Korea Republic-Belgium

"We had a lot of injuries in defence, so it was difficult for us to set up our game. Our No20 Sehun Oh, who played the first game in attack, returned to play in defence today. I am not satisfied with my players tonight, in attack or defence. We have not been as strong as during our first three matches and we made ​​mistakes that made a big difference," Choi Jincheul, Korea Republic coach.

**"We played against Korea Republic, a great team, who had conceded no goals and defended very well so far. But we quickly opened the score, which gave us more confidence and forced our opponents to change their style. My team is also able to stay well organised. This is what we have done well today. My goalkeeper made a superb save on the penalty, and that's something he did during the European qualifiers," Bob Browaeys Belgium coach.**