Quotes: Guinea-Brazil

"We knew it was going to be a tough match, but it ended up an impossible one. Unfortunately, my players were not focused. They were tense, in some cases I even perceived fear in some of them. It was clear that to play here you need a higher level, not the school football we played during part of the match, and I told them this. It seems they did not trust in their ability, and I believe that is why we lost," Hamidou Camara, Guinea coach.

"We played a good game from the beginning. We created chances and scored the penalty kick, but we went for more. The team has evolved, in previous matches we had the ball but did not score. Today we did both, and that is another reason to be satisfied. Lincoln's red card made us strengthen our midfield and reduce the speed of play, but even so we had opportunities to score more goals. Any rival now is OK, but are just happy we qualified for the next round," Carlos Amadeus, Brazil coach.