Quotes: Croatia-Mali

“In the first half we did not play as we should have played against a team like Mali. In the second half we could play our style of quick passes, but we didn’t show the level of the previous matches and we did not deserve to win today. We have made big strides. We are a small country but could reach this stage and had a good tournament. Anyway, I’m really sad, because I sincerely think that we lost a big opportunity. My feeling here, especially after beating Nigeria and Germany was that we could go the whole way. Maybe not winning, but staying until the end," Dario Basic, Croatia coach.

“It was a great match, Croatia are a really tough side and very good tactically, so my players finished the match exhausted. Thanks to the goal we scored we could win and go to the semi-final. We have reached the semi-final, that’s not an opportunity given to everyone and this is the result of our hard work during the last few years. Our first goal was reaching the semi-finals but the main objective is winning the tournament. People in Mali are very passionate about football we need to win the trophy for them," Baye Ba, Mali coach.