Quotes: Brazil-New Zealand

"It was a very dramatic finish. The game turned out as we expected, with them defending close to their area and waiting for our mistake. During the first half we had the ball, but could not filter it through the sides or the middle. Even so, we had our chances, but blew them. In the second half both teams had more spaces, but we were luckier. I am not satisfied with the way we played, but I am with the fact the players believed in themselves.” Carlos Nascimento, Brazil coach

"I am very disappointed and sad for my players. They worked really hard, executed our plan perfectly and they rose to the challenge. Today they were just unlucky. Maybe at the end they were mentally distracted thinking we were going to penalties, but I don't have anything to complain about. For them this has been an amazing experience, one from which they will learn a lot. They have nothing to be ashamed off." Danny Hay, New Zealand coach