Quotes: Argentina-Australia

"The dream is broken but we have to keep going and continue working. I’m very grateful to these players because in this match and in the previous ones they did all they could to try to change the situation and overcome the negative results we always had during the matches. In three matches we scored just one goal. We couldn’t make it. Today there was a good opponent who did not allow us even to get a draw. Despite this, I’m sure my players have enough quality to become professionals in a short time," Miguel Lemme, Argentina coach.

**“I had no doubts in my team, but I think no one expected Australia to get four points in this group. Probably there were some other people in Australia thinking the same, but as I said before the beginning of the tournament, we have a lot of faith. This team has commitment and desire… Today it was the first time that many players were in a stressful situation like this, and they were a little bit nervous during the first half, but they overcame it. I have to give also credit to Argentina in the second half because they made it difficult," Tony Vidmar, Australia coach.**