Puerto Montt

Situated in southern Chile on Reloncavi Sound, the city of Puerto Montt is both the capital of the commune of Puerto Montt, the province of Llanquihue and the region of Los Lagos.

Home to an international airport and El Tepual airbase – the second-largest in Chile – Puerto Montt is the southernmost host city of the FIFA U-17 World Cup Chile 2015. The gateway to the Carretera Austral, a national highway famed for its stunning scenery, the city also boasts a large seaport that connects the southern regions of Aysen and Magallanes with the rest of the country.

Sitting on a bay protected on its western side by the island of Tenglo, Puerto Montt is also the main point of connection with the Chiloe Archipelago. Its 74 kilometres of coastline supply delicious fish and seafood to the markets of the Bay of Angelmo, which is known for its restaurants and craft stalls.

Places of interest Eight minutes away lies the stunning Isla Tenglo, home to lush native vegetation and small, white sandy beaches. Its name in Mapudungun, the language spoken by the indigenous Mapuche people, means “quiet and pleasant place”, which describes to perfection a place offering panoramic views of the Andes and the Calbuco, Osorno and Tronador volcanoes.

One of Puerto Montt’s most popular destinations is Angelmo, which only lies two kilometres away from the city’s Plaza de Armas. Situated on the seafront, Angelmo is famous for its palafitos, old wooden houses that sit on stilts in the water, and for local seafood dishes such as curanto and pulmay.

On one side of Angelmo lies the market, which sells a wide range of fish and seafood, and on the other can be found the craft fair, where local artists sell woven fabrics, chests made from larch wood, baskets, silver jewellery, leather hats and saddles.

Just 46 kilometres outside Puerto Montt can be found another of the many natural jewels that the region of Los Lagos has to offer: the Andean Larch National Park, which offers protection for the last few hectares of a thousand-year-old forest, one that once stretched all the way along the mountain range. Forming part of the Southern Andes Temperate Rainforest Biosphere Reserve, the national park is home to larch and other tree species, which rise more than 40 metres above the ground, as well as around 50 lakes and wildlife that includes pudu deer, pumas, condors and black woodpeckers.

Football Founded on 6 May 1983, Club de Deportes Puerto Montt are the southernmost professional club in the world. The nearby cities of Valdivia and Osorno set up their own football clubs at more or less the same time, with the three of them regularly disputing supremacy in the Los Lagos region.

The city’s stadium, the Regional de Chinquihue, offers superb views of Isla Tenglo and blends in seamlessly with its surroundings, which are dominated by the green and blue of the sea.