Accessibility Tickets

Accessibility Tickets (“ATs”) are a dedicated allocation of Tickets available for application by disabled people and people with limited mobility, and are offered in the following types:

“Wheelchair User”, for users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters designed for transporting disabled people and people with limited mobility. Please note that such users must bring their own manual or electric wheelchairs as they will not be provided at the Stadium;

“Easy Access Standard”, for people with limited mobility who do not need a wheelchair user place but require seating with minimal step-access that is close to accessible amenities (e.g. accessible toilets);

“Easy Access Amenity”, for people with limited mobility who do not use wheelchairs but are unable to bend their knees or need more room to access their seats using a walking aid or crutches. Amenity seats also provide extra space for disabled people with assistance dogs. Whenever possible, these seats have minimal step-access; and

“Easy Access Extra-Width”, for people with a BMI that is equal to or exceeds 40kg/m2.

ATs may be available in areas with seats of various categories, where permitted by the Stadium infrastructure. However, they are only available at Category 3 prices.

Please note that customers who apply for ATs are required to provide proof‑of‑eligibility documents that are commonly and widely accepted in the Ticket Applicant’s country of residence as part of the Ticket Application process. Upon request of the Authorities, such proof-of-eligibility documents must also be provided at the entrance to the Stadium. Please note that permits for accessible parking will not be accepted as valid proof.

Please be courteous to the other fans, and only apply for these Tickets if you truly require them. They are limited in number due to the Stadiums’ configuration.

With the sole exception of “Easy Access Extra-Width”, successful applicants for Accessibility Tickets will receive one complimentary “Companion Ticket” for a companion to accompany and provide assistance to the Accessibility Ticket holder to the selected Match or Double-Header.

The companion will be seated as close as possible to the Accessibility Ticket customer. However, the exact location of the seat cannot be guaranteed. FIFA cannot ensure that the seat for the companion will be adjacent to that of the AT customer.

If you apply for an AT and do not require a complimentary Companion Ticket, please email with this information.

AT customers who wish to be contacted by phone may email with their phone number.

The location of the available seats for disabled people and people with limited mobility varies from Stadium to Stadium. FIFA will endeavour to ensure that all seats assigned to Tickets for a Match or Double-Header that are allocated following a successful Ticket application will be located adjacent to each another, but this cannot be guaranteed. In particular, FIFA cannot guarantee that Tickets for the same Match or Double-Header requested separately on the same Ticket Application Form will result in adjacently assigned seats. Seats assigned to a Ticket Applicant may be located in different sections, rows or blocks of seats in the Stadium. FIFA cannot provide adjacent seats to people submitting separate Ticket Application Forms.