Quotes: Real Madrid-Kashima Antlers

18 Dec 2016

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach Of course we are happy to win this. Each of the titles we've won are important for us. We knew that this final would not be an easy one. They ran. They fought. I think there are several players from Kashima that could play in La Liga. The fact that we were able to be here and win, we're very happy. To be able to take the Club World Cup back home with us makes us very happy.

Sometimes we suffer and struggle and sometimes we are not able to play how we want to play. The good thing about us is we are very positive. We always believe in ourselves. For my players now it's time a a short rest and then we're back to the daily stresses of our lives. As for me, my only wish now is that I want to sleep.

Masatada Ishii, Kashima Antlers coach It''s only been 25 years since Japanese football has become professional. Compared to the other confederations that are here our history is very very short. For us to be able to come so far is meaningful. It really means that Japanese football, in a very short period of time, has come up to a world-class level.

The fact that we have been able to participate in this tournament and play so many teams has been a very valuable experience for us. I'm hoping we will be able to maintain this high level. Our club is from a very small city. At the inception of J-league we were told it would by 99.9999 per cent impossible to for us to be a J-league club. But we were able to bet on this 0.0001 percent and we were able to become a professional J-league club. A club like that becoming a club that represents Japan here at the Club World Cup Tournament, that should encourage all small clubs around the world.