Kashiwa Reysol-Al-Sadd: Quotes

Nelsinho, Kashiwa Reysol coach In my view, Kashiwa were the only team who tried to win during the 90 minutes. If you look at shots on goal and possession of the ball, I am sure we would be ahead of Al-Sadd in these respects. But once again, as it was against Santos, we were unable to take our chances. We must learn that, in tough games like these, we cannot afford to waste so many opportunities. But the status of this club has changed through competing in this tournament and we are able to hold our heads high because we have competed proudly.

Jorge Fossati, Al-Sadd coach Today we completed our mission. You will have seen the semi-finals, and I believe we defended better against Kashiwa better than Santos did. Some people only value attacking football, but my philosophy is different. The way I see it, there are two sides to football: one is attacking and the other is protecting your own goal. Both are equally important and, in the latter respect, I think we played very well today. Our players did a good job and I am very proud of their performance. This is a great day for Qatar.