Venezuela-Russia: Quotes

Mikhail Likhachev, Russia coach We’re really pleased to have won, in spite of doing nothing in the first period. We were too tense and couldn’t manage to get into the game. At the end of the day, we only performed to 50 per cent of our ability, even though the result was emphatic. We can’t afford to play like this again in our next game, we have to give 100 per cent. That said, Venezuela only caused us problems during the first period.

Roberto Cavallo, Venezuela coach The team played well. We got ourselves ahead and if we’d managed to get a second goal the game would have turned out differently, because another goal would have given us a huge boost. The main feature of our game is that we used an outfield player in goal, we’re the only team here that’s done it. However, the fact we’ve so little competitive experience led us to be too cautious. And, in the end, we paid dearly for that.