Ticket Prices

1 Jul 2021

Information on ticket prices for the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™ can be found here:

FAC2021 Ticket Prices Table

The prices indicated here are for all ticket products and categories available for the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™, and include all applicable taxes.

All tickets will be sold in Qatari riyal (QAR).

Ticket categories 1, 2 and 3 are available to all fans. Please note that ticket category 4 is only reserved for:

  • Qatar residents*, during all sales phases (for all online sales, at the time of the order, each ticket applicant must provide the domestic address of the residence in Qatar (as well as the QID/passport number);

  • Any other customers, irrespective of their country of residence, during over the counter sales at the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre during the Last-Minute sales phase.

*Qatar residents refers to any individual legally residing on a permanent or temporary basis in Qatar, including Qatari citizens and citizens from other countries (with such foreign citizens to include, interalia, individuals who legally work in Qatar). Accessibility Tickets correspond to a dedicated allocation of tickets for disabled people and people with limited mobility. Please be courteous to other fans and only apply for these tickets if you truly require them. They are limited in number due to stadium configuration. If you apply for Accessibility Tickets, you will be required to provide proof of eligibility as part of the ticket application process. Such proof of eligibility must be provided upon ticket collection (if applicable) and, upon request, at the entrance to the stadium. If any time FIFA Ticketing becomes aware of a misrepresentation or circumvention of the sales process, all of your ticket applications may be rejected and/or your tickets cancelled in accordance with the Ticket Terms of Sale. Please note that all ticket prices apply to both adults and children, regardless of the age of the child. All spectators attending matches of the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™ must wear a mask at all times inside stadiums.

To ensure a safe experience and to safeguard the heath of everyone attending the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™, FIFA is working closely with the local authorities to set up rules and health and sanitary protocols.

Attendees must follow the travel advice from the State of Qatar and the guidance from the Ministry of Public Health.

Access to venues on match days

Ticket Holders

For FIFA Arab Cup 2021™, all spectators must be fully vaccinated with one of the approved vaccinations by the MOPH. Such spectators will not be required to undergo any COVID-19 testing. Children under the age of 12 that are not vaccinated, must provide evidence of a negative PCR test within 48 hours or a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) within 24 hours prior to each match. Further restrictions may apply. For more information, please visit the MOPH website.

To check the list of approved and conditionally approved vaccines please visit the MOPH website.


To enter the stadium, you need to have either a green status with a golden frame in your EHTERAZ app or a green status with no frame along with one of the following documents:

For healthcare reasons, a small percentage of customers with a green status with no frame with the documents below may be able to enter the stadium, but please note that this is not guaranteed:

  • Negative Rapid Antigen Results within the last 24 hours prior to each match.

  • Negative PCR test within the last 48 hours prior to each match.

Please note that you should be informed about your country's action protocols in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the measures to be followed both for entering Qatar and for returning to your country. Apply for tickets here!