Brazil, England, Germany, South Africa and Morocco all confirmed their definitive bid to host the 2006 FIFA World Cup before the deadline expired on 30 April.

As no confirmation was received from Ghana and Egypt, it is assumed that they have tacitly renounced their bids.

Nigeria had initially announced their interest but withdrew on 10 May.

The confirmations came in in the following chronological order:
Brazil: 8 February 1999
England: 25 March 1999
Germany: 19 April 1999
South Africa 23 April 1999
Morocco: 28 April 1999

The next important deadlines in the countdown to the award of the 2006 World Cup are:

by 31 July 1999:
The candidates submit their bid files to the FIFA general secretariat

by 31 January 2000:
An ad-hoc commission examines the bids and conducts inspection visits

by 29 February 2000:
The ad-hoc commission drafts a report for assessment by the FIFA Executive Committee

March 2000:
The FIFA Executive Committee designates the national association to host the 2006 FIFA World Cup