Germany-Japan: Quotes

Silvia Neid, Germany coach
We set out looking to get forward from the start, but it didn’t happen for us. Japan were totally on top in the first half. We never got going, we were too static, and too many passes went astray. We obviously had to do something. Fatmire Bajramaj and Conny Pohlers came on and we were a lot more fluid, we found our way into the match. And fortunately Fatmire went on and scored the two goals.

We were in a tough group and our goal was qualifying for the quarter-finals. Let me clearly state that our attacking game lacked quality. I’m delighted we’ve come away with a medal, the bronze medal. If we hadn’t won today’s game, we’d have been here a week for no reason. We have to improve in attack. Our movement hasn’t been good throughout the tournament, and neither has our passing. We’ve looked good in defence, but not in attack. To do well in a tournament, you’ve got to perform in front of goal. However, by winning bronze we’ve done something for our position in the medals table.

Norio Sasaki, Japan coach
All my players gave it their best shot today. We can learn a lot from the match and the result. I’m very happy with the way we played, but we’ve lost and I’m gutted for Japan. But we’ll go home with our heads held high.