Spain-Korea DPR: Quotes
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Ri Song Gun, Korea DPR coach
We should have played with more intensity from the start of the game, and we needed to move into attack earlier. We were focused too much on defence today and in the end that hurt us badly. We had so many good chances at the end of the match and also at the beginning, but we were unable to take advantage of these opportunities. These girls are still very young and they have a lot to learn. We will continue to put effort into developing our women’s football and we will be back again.

Jorge Vilda, Spain coach
I want to thank FIFA and the LOC for putting on a great tournament, everything has been marvellous for us. Also I would like to thank everyone in Trinidad and Tobago for the great support that we have received here. It is a great achievement for us to take third place in our first U-17 Women’s World Cup. We could have scored more goals today and I really think we should have. In the end, I am happy with the result because it is important for our country and for the development of women’s football.