Korea Republic-Japan: Quotes
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Choi Duck Joo, Korea Republic coach
My team never gave up and they fought with everything all the time. This is the main reason for our success here in Trinidad and Tobago. I am a very proud man today. I’m in dreamland right now. We had a few injuries going into the game and it makes the prize even more special because we had to fight so hard for it. It is the dream of ever coach to win the tournament, but I can’t take the credit. We won here because I had the pleasure of coaching such a talented and hard-working team of players. I told the players to be calm and to have confidence before taking their penalties. I am very glad that they listened!

Hiroshi Yoshida, Japan coach
This is a very disappointing day for us because we didn’t win when we should have. When we went up 3-2 we had the chance to score even more goals but we failed to take our chances. The Koreans fought back with bravery and spirit and we let a chance to be world champions slip through our fingers. We know the Korean players very well from qualifying and we knew what kind of players to expect today. We tried to play our own game today, but it didn’t work out. We will take what we learned here and work to be better next time.