Korea DPR-Japan: Quotes
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Ri Song Gun, Korea DPR coach
The key factor in our loss today is that we were a little too defensive in our approach, and when it came time to get goals we were not quite good enough. We have four very nice defenders but if you don’t have the attackers to go with those strong defensive qualities then you can’t win against a team like Japan. Now we must prepare for the next match, the third place game, and hopefully we will leave the competition with a win and our heads held high.

Hiroshi Yoshida, Japan coach
I am very happy that my girls have done enough to move through to the final. We had a tough time today, and I have a sore throat from trying to yell over all of the drums in the stands! I knew we had a chance to win this match and I am happy with the way my team played and obviously with the result. I am very satisfied with the way my entire team performed, but especially my attackers. It was important that we scored quickly after going down and this started everything moving for us.