Nigeria-Korea Republic: Quotes
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Choi Duck Joo, Korea coach
We went down very early by two goals. This made things hard for us. I knew that we could come back and that we could attack just as well as the Nigerians, so we pushed forward. I am really happy with what happened today in the end because it was an interesting game that could have gone either way. Yeo Min Ji is still only 80 per cent back from her injury and we have yet to see the best of her, but i am happy with her four goals today. Clearly, we need to work on our defence.

Peter Dedevbo, Nigeria coach
It is not always rosy in football. Sometimes you lose when you should win. We needed to keep things tighter after we went up early. We lost our concentration, made some silly mistakes and we were punished for them. We just needed to keep the ball. This is all we had to do, and we failed to do it. We gave over control of the ball to the Koreans. We were in a position to control the game and we didn’t. That was a big failure of our team today.