Korea Republic-Germany: Quotes
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Choi Duk-Joo, Korea Republic coach
Due to injuries to certain key players, we weren’t able to send out our first-choice XI tonight. Be that as it may, we still put in a good performance, holding off our opponents for 70-odd minutes before finally being overcome. For me, that’s a good sign. We’re going to do all that we can to make sure we play Germany again, at a later stage in the tournament.

Ralf Peter, Germany coach
The Koreans caused us some serious problems in the first half. They were well organised and made it difficult for us to impose our natural game. After the break, we began to string a few passes together, and we did well to resist the temptation to rush things as we searched for the opener. That approach bore fruit for us in the end – we finally managed to find a way through their defence, and made sure of the win shortly afterwards.