F.A.N.S. to perform the official song of Costa Rica 2014

Lula, Carla, Joanina and Macarena who make up the quartet F.A.N.S. from Argentina, recently released their first album Despegamos in Latin America, captivating audiences with the first single Nave Espacial (Spaceship), already a hit in several countries. The video of this song has more than 1.3 million views on Vevo.

Pasion Total, the Official Song of the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup Costa Rica was written by Michel Zitron, Didrik Thott and Johan 'Jones' Wetterberg. The Spanish adaptation was produced by Afo Verde and Alejandro Landa.

Executive Director of the Local Organizing Committee, Federico Rojas, commented: “It is of outmost importance for the Women’s World Cup to have an Official Song. It represents a historical event for our youth, football and Central America. It will bring happiness to our families. We will host the first FIFA tournament in Central America with hope and pride.”

F.A.N.S. released the Official Song for the first time on Tuesday 17 December in Costa Rica, with a performance at the Official Draw of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup taking place at the Antigua Aduana in San Jose.

Pasion Total is a song with strength and energy. “Just as the name implies, we feel an immense joy when singing it. We hope this song will inspire each and every one of the players who participate in this great tournament. We are proud to share our music at this unique and hopefully unforgettable time" said the members of F.A.N.S.

F.A.N.S. were recently in Argentina and Uruguay promoting the new album and are now travelling to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and New York. On 8 December, F.A.N.S. performed live for the first time in the Love of Music festival at the Nassau Coliseum, which includes performances by Ricky Martin, Ricardo Montaner and Franco De Vita.

F.A.N.S. will promote their first album Despegamos during their stay in San Jose, Costa Rica.