Oceana inspired by women in sport

Ahead of her concert in the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup Azerbaijan 2012 Fan Zone, German singer Oceana told FIFA.com of her first impressions of Baku, how honored she was to be involved and how inspired she is by women’s sport.

The concert, which marks the end of the Trophy Tour in the capital city of Baku, and the beginning of the next exciting event, the Fan Zone, is destined to draw the biggest crowds yet. The Fan Zone will operate from noon till 22:00 and will be entertaining the crowds from September 15th until the last day of the tournament, October 13th.

Oceana, renowned for her love and passion for football, looked excited, energized and ready to meet the crowds as she shared her impressions of her first ever visit to Azerbaijan. "This is my first time in Azerbaijan and I'm so excited to be here to perform. Baku is a beautiful city and the people come across very positive and warm hearted. The city is amazing, the architecture is beautiful and just like my name Oceana, I love the seaside," she added.

I think the future is very bright for women in sports. We show that that we have a lot of self esteem and can live our dreams.

When asked about her performance in the Fan Zone, Oceana expressed that she was "honored to have the opportunity to perform at the concert because football is something that unites , connects and makes people happy from all over the world, just like music. That's why I love so much about football and music, because the two fit so well together."

"Sports and especially football is something that gives people so much self esteem and that's why I believe the sport is so powerful for women," the singer added.

Oceana also believed that the drive she has, fueled by her love for music, was very similar to how girls and women should approach their passions for football. She said: "I can talk about myself as a singer and my love for singing, writing and performing, so I put my heart, my soul, my everything into it. It's very important to be passionate about the sport, to be determined, focused, and most importantly to have fun.

"To me, I think women do very, very well in sports. When I watched the Olympics, I thought: ‘wow, women are doing great’. They have a lot of skills, are very powerful, and I think the future is very bright for women in sports. We show that that we have a lot of self esteem and can live our dreams, so the future of women's sport is very bright in general.”