Mascot’s name is revealed

The mascot for the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup Azerbaijan 2012 has been officially named during a presentation at the 11th Azerbaijan International Travel and Tourism Fair.

While the Mascot was presented during the UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying match between Azerbaijan and Austria on 7 October 2011, her name had remained a mystery until today. The Local Organising Committee of the World Cup announced an open competition to name the mascot on 10 October 2011 and has been evaluating hundreds of innovative suggestions.

The winner of the competition was chosen by FIFA and was present at today's successful launch. Bakhram Baghirzade, a popular Azerbaijani actor and film director was present during the ceremony to accept a small gift from the ‘Top Top Girl’ for giving her an innovative name.

Multiple meanings
The word ‘top’ means ‘ball’ in Azerbaijani and, when children speak about ’playing ball’, they refer to it as playing ‘top-top’. The English meaning of the word indicates a peak, or a highest point of anything. The significance of this relationship was part of the reason why the name was chosen.

A stadium-like spirit
The Top Top Girl was in a particularly good mood during the presentation. She danced to the music prior to the presentation and continued to kick a football around, take photos with fans, and entertain the crowd with her moves. The members of the LOC and the attending crowd filled the mini artificial football field, installed in front of the stand, and circled the mascot with a dance.

Members of the media were also present to take photos and videos, and to conduct interviews about the event. The most memorable and humbling moment came when Mr Baghirzade extended his appreciation to FIFA and the members of the LOC for their dedication and hard work in preparing a truly global event.

He said that he considered it to be a privilege to be the author of the selected name and reached out to the crowd by asking them to support the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup and the development of women's football in Azerbaijan.