Jean Francois de Sart, Belgium coach
Naturally, we're very pleased with the result. A defeat would have been the end of our Olympic dream but, as it is, we're still in with a chance of reaching the next round. China made it difficult for us especially in the first 15 minutes but we responded well and played intelligently. My team has a lot of experienced players in it which was decisive this evening.

Tiesheng Yin, China PR coach
Conceding the early goal affected our game a lot, and that was compounded by the two red cards. I'd like to thank the nine players who stayed on the pitch for giving it everything right till the very end. It's almost impossible now for us to qualify for the quarter-finals but we still haven't thrown in the towel. Our next game against Brazil is a good chance for the players and coach to measure themselves against a great team.

Zhou Haibin, China PR midfielder
You saw the difference in quality between the top teams and ourselves today. We know what our weaknesses are and we'll be working hard to improve them.