Coaches offer draw reaction

A selection of coaches from teams in the Men's Olympic Football Tournament Beijing 2008 field gave their thoughts on the group draw.

Group A
Sergio Batista (Argentina coach)
I don't know how our rivals will play. We have some info about Ivory Coast, I know they have Drogba and Kalou. Serbia beat Belgium and Italy not so long ago. And I don't know Australia, I have no idea about who they will bring to China. I always look at my own team first, and I know that if we are ok, we'll have no problems. They should be worried because they will face one of the favourites.

Gerard Gili (Côte d'Ivoire coach)
This is really difficult for us because our first match will be against Argentina, the defending champions. What we need to do is to try our best. Within Group A, I think that Australia are the strongest team.

John Boultbee (Australia's head of national team)
It is not that bad to be drawn together with the defending champions Argentina, who we played against in Athens 2004. We also played against Serbia and Montenegro in the previous tournament four years ago. Côte d'Ivoire are an unknown force for us. We are confident of improving on our performance at Athens 2004, where we reached the last eight.

Group B
Samson Siasia (Nigeria coach)
Our first match is against the Netherlands and I think this will be a very difficult one for us. We should try to win the game. Nigeria have been named champion before, in 1996, and now we will try to become champions again. But first we need to make sure we get to the final.

Yasuharu Sorimachi (Japan coach)
The Netherlands are obviously the favorites to win the group as they are among the world's top teams. Nigeria are also a tough side and USA have been improving quickly over the past years. But we are happy with the draw and are excited to play against such teams.

Peter Nowak (USA coach)
It's a difficult group definitely, but that's what we expect in a tournament that includes the top 16 teams in the world. They are very quality teams we will face and we have to be up to the challenge. The goal is still to go from the group stage to the second round.

Group C
Nan Yong (Chinese FA's vice-president)
This is only our second Olympic football tournament and our first appearance came as a big disappointment as we scored nothing in three games. For us, no teams are easy so we will only focus on preparation and training to raise our game against our rivals in August.

Sun Xiang (China defender)
Brazil will be the toughest rivals of this group. Belgium represent European opposition but given that their senior side are not that strong, I think we can compete against them at the Olympic level. New Zealand are the least known for us but we should have our chance against them.

Jonathan Gould (New Zealand coach)
Every team wants to finish first in their group. We also want to use the opportunity to qualify for the next stage. Brazil are very strong. We are a young team but we have excellent youngsters who are quality players. The Chinese will be highly motivated as they'll be playing at home.

Group D
Park Sung Wha (Korea Republic coach)
We are satisfied with the draw. Both Cameroon and Italy should be our toughest opponents as they are both strong teams. Moreover, we have never played against them at this level so they are unknown quantities for us in terms of tactics and technique. In the previous tournament, we only lost narrowly in the quarter-finals, which adds to our confidence to fulfill our goal for this tournament - to finish the top three.

Pierluigi Casiraghi (Italy coach)
I think it's a good draw for us, even if it is a bit difficult as we don't know the Olympic teams we will be facing very well. But we will analyse them now. Cameroon can prove very difficult and Korea Republic are almost playing at home. Our first goal is to go through the group stage - and then we'll see.