Cameroon-Italy: Quotes
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Pierluigi Casiraghi, Italy coach
It was a very difficult game for us tonight, due in no small measure to the condition of the pitch. It was in very bad shape and it made things very hard for us in putting together passes. This was a much tougher game than either of our previous ones and Cameroon pressed us all the way. In the end, we were not settling for a draw. But with three matches in one week I think the boys were just a little bit tired near the end.

Daniele Dessena, Italy midfielder
I was thrilled to be out on the pitch from the start. It was a very difficult contest and we tried to find a way past the Cameroon team, but they are very strong and made it very hard for us.

Martin Ndtoungou, Cameroon coach
Italy are a very good team and they made problems for us going forward. We tried the whole time to get ourselves near the goal and pressure them but it seems like they were happy enough to play for the draw. If you think that the game was not what it could have been, I suggest you look at how the Italians approached things. We now have some injuries and a man suspended, but we will still be coming out with hopes of winning our quarter-final.