China-New Zealand: Quotes

Tiesheng Yin, China PR coach
I really must thank my players. Even when we scored, we weren't playing the way we had imagined. The players and the fans never gave up. I think that we will improve in the next two matches.

Fangzhuo Dong, China PR goalscorer
I'm really pleased with the goal and I'd like to progress further in the tournament. I dedicate the goal to my mother. She's the one who brought me up and looked after me.

Stu Jacobs, New Zealand coach
In the 12 years that I have been coach, I've never seen a performance like the one this evening. I have nothing but the highest praise for my team. Both teams were exhausted by the end and I knew it would take something extraordinary for China to score. We were six minutes away from making history.

Ryan Nelsen, New Zealand captain
I never thought that China would end up scoring a goal tonight. It was all set up to be New Zealand football's finest hour, so I'm really disappointed. That said, I'm also very proud to be leading this team. The Olympic Games mean a lot to our country. This evening, we really wanted to prove we're not as bad as some of the media have been making out.