China-Brazil: Quotes

Yin Tiesheng, China coach
The Olympic Games may be finished for this team, but our desire to improve is not finished. We played hard, defended tightly and attacked quickly, but we have to accept that our technical abilities are not as good as Brazil's. Added to this fact, we only had 14 available players due to suspension. However, the whole team and staff enjoyed this experience - and I hope the public did too.

Dunga, Brazil coach
At the beginning of the game, China played very well and were doing well defensively. They also had opportunity with some counter attacks. However, after a while we began to control possession and dominate the match and we scored some good goals. We decided to give some other players a chance tonight and I thought they did well. A national team needs many different players - and those players need experience.

Li Weifeng, China defender
We need to give more opportunities and time to our younger players. Chinese people are eager to see us succeed, but the players need to be given more time to grow. There were parts of the match when we matched Brazil. We had some opportunities, but didn't take them. But you have to remember Ronaldinho is worth the entire China squad put together, so we have a long way to go.

Diego, Brazil midfielder
If you look at how we've performed in the group stage, we've now played three games and scored nine goals. We've played extremely well. I know the Brazil Olympic teams lost to African opposition in 1996 and 2000, but we are a different team now. We will continue to respect our opponents and prepare well for each game. We've beaten African opponents in the past and I am sure we will in the future.