Côte d’Ivoire-Argentina: Quotes

Gerard Gili, Côte d'Ivoire coach
The main reason we lost was the sheer quality of the Argentinian side. The combination of a creator like [Juan Roman] Riquelme and a player like [Lionel] Messi was what proved our undoing. That said, we did a great job. Unfortunately we switched off in the last five minutes and we paid for that with the defeat. We're disappointed.

Sekou Cisse, Côte d'Ivoire goalscorer
We grew in confidence after my goal and enjoyed a good spell in the match, but we couldn't keep the tempo going and ended up losing in the last few minutes. It's a shame, but there's no time for regrets. We've come here to learn and that's what we're doing, I've no doubt we'll fight just as hard in our next game.

Sergio Batista, Argentina coach
It was a difficult game against opponents who play good football. We deserved the win in the last few minutes but it was an evenly balanced match. The key was that we never gave in and kept chasing the victory right to the end. Sometimes that effort pays off, other times it doesn't. Fortunately, today's game had a happy ending.

Lautaro Acosta, scorer of Argentina's winner
As soon as Messi started that move I knew I had to get myself in front of goal. The keeper couldn't hold onto the ball and I was lucky enough to be standing right there to knock it in. It was exciting. Do I only score important goals? God is great, and I've been fortunate to have him on my side more than once.