Gerard Gili, Côte d'Ivoire coach
With so much at stake we knew it would be a difficult game, and scoring so early gave us a mental boost and the extra confidence we needed to get into the match. The most important thing about the team is that we like to play football. We don't think too much, we just go out and play the game. We wanted to get through to the next round and we're well on the way to doing that.

Kafoumba Coulibaly, Côte d'Ivoire player
We knew this was the game we had to win if we wanted to go through. We prepared for the match by talking a lot over the last few days, and fortunately everything turned out just the way we'd planned. Now we want to go all the way to the final.

Miroslav Djukic, Serbia coach
Having drawn our first game we were even more attack-minded today and that gave Côte d'Ivoire a lot of space. They knew how to use it and we paid the price. Our next match is against the toughest team in the group, the favourites, but you can never tell what's going to happen in football.

Aleksandar Zivkovic, Serbia player
Côte d'Ivoire's second goal really hit us hard because we were dominating the game up until the equaliser. If they hadn't scored, things would have been different in the second half. It was a decisive moment, but we're still in with a chance and we hope to qualify for the next round against Argentina.