In February we asked the Club members to tell us why a Kia Sportage would help them promote football. The community quickly rallied to our call for submissions, delivering hundreds of inspiring entries and photographs. Our editorial staff compiled a shortlist of the six most powerful stories and Club members were able to vote for their favourite story, ultimately deciding which one of the six finalists would drive away in a brand-new Kia Sportage!

ChrisBB’s 'Changing the world one football at a time' submission resonated with the community and the Colombian swept up the votes. This past weekend, ChrisBB received his massive prize during a special ceremony at a Kia dealership in Bogota, Colombia. We spoke to the Colombian after he received the keys to his new Kia. What was it like to actually see your new car on the showroom floor at Kia?
ChrisBB: To see my actual brand new Kia Sportage sitting on the showroom floor was a breathtaking experience. I had a smile throughout the entire event and every couple of seconds I couldn't help but glance over to my right to see my new car. I love the car. I love everything about it!

Do you have any plans for upcoming road-trips or football work, now that you have your Kia?
As with any new car, a little road trip is a rite of passage that every car has to make! So I will probably take some family and friends on road trips throughout the country. Obviously, I will also continue with my project to try and change the world one football at a time.

There were a lot of journalists in attendance. Did you expect so much attention?
To be honest, I didn’t. I was interviewed for TV shows, magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites and I even did a live radio interview at the event. It was a little overwhelming at first since I have never done anything like this before so I didn't know which camera to look at or which person to answer first. It’s a day I’ll never forget.

You delivered a speech at the handover. Could you tell our Club members a little about it?
I explained how I learned about the contest, which was being promoted on Kia Colombia's Facebook page at the time. I shared with the audience how amazing this contest was and described how everyone came together to help out in different countries. I thanked God, my family, my friends and the entire community for helping me out and for giving me this amazing prize and opportunity.

Could you describe the handover event a little for all those users that weren't there?
After the acceptance and thank you speech, there was a photo shoot and questions from the press. We had some breakfast after this and everyone had a chance to socialize with me and just have a good time. At the end of the event, I gave a football to each member of the press to give him or her first-hand experience of what it was that I did. It was a sight to see how even the members of the press got really excited and even started playing with the footballs right then and there inside the Kia showroom.

I want to give a very special thank you to FIFA for organizing this fantastic contest with the help of KIA. And another very special thank you to everyone who voted for my story. I hope this motivates people to help out in their community and also to spread the love of football to every crevice in the world. Remember guys; if everyone chips in we may just might change this world for better, one football at a time.