Our FIFA Match Predictor Round 31 winner is a high school teacher from Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. “I grew up in South America until I was 16 and with that I grew to love the game of futebol,” says rodepp whose favourite club team is Coritiba.

“I have been teaching for almost 30 years and am planning a retirement trip to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup,” he said. Not only is the Canuck a huge football fan, but he has also been a loyal FIFA.com Club member for a number of years. We contacted rodepp to discuss FIFA Match Predictor.

FIFA.com: You've been a FIFA.com Club member for almost five years, what keeps you coming back?
rodepp: I follow soccer, as they call it here in Canada, not only at our local level but also internationally and I find that FIFA's site is very good at reporting from all leagues around the world. I also enjoy the match predictor games along with the Panini sticker album collection from the 2010 World Cup. I am also a bit of a stats geek so I like to scan the many pages of player information and league records that are available on your site.

Your average for the last 9 rounds is around 245 points per round. How have you managed to be so consistent in your scoring of late?
As you may have noticed, I have not always been so lucky or consistent. I had a week in which I actually scored 0 points! What is the statistical probability of that? In order to score reasonably well you have to take some chances and so I have tried to do that by going against the favourites on many occasions.

With only 7 rounds left, what are you hoping to achieve in the final rounds?

With only 7 weeks remaining I think that becoming the overall winner is out of the question but I can see myself getting into the top 1000 and perhaps the Top 20 in Canada.

Do you have a main strategy that you stick to when making your predictions?
My strategy for my recent set of scores has been to study the forms, league standings along with the responses from other contestants and pick the teams that have a good chance of upsetting the favourites. That's not to say that you should just pick upsets but I try to find at least 3 to 5 underdogs. I will usually pick my bonus score for a game that is either likely to be a tie or has a heavy favourite.

As many of the top club seasons begging to draw to a close, what match are you most excited for?
I'm not sure there is one particular match that I am looking forward to but watching Messi's scoring streak is very exciting. I hope he continues to do well.

Do you have any advice for the predictors battling it out for the Grand Prize?
I hate to state the obvious but to catch a front-runner you have to take some chances in order to close the gap. This week's overall leader, hanisyrian, has been there for quite a while so an average score will probably not catch him.

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