The menu for Round 2 of FIFA Match Predictor was full of international flavour as European and African nations continued their quest for continental glory. Meanwhile in the Americas, a number of big teams met for international friendlies.

Predictors had a tough time of it as a number of surprise performances unfolded. In the end, osalonero edged out momo_egypt by three points to win Round 2, and with it, a national team football jersey. We spoke to the Honduran winner shortly after his victory. Did you make your predictions for Round 2 based on instinct or research?
osalonero: My predictions are based on a combination of both, but always a bit more on instinct. There are some games that are easy to guess, if you think about aspects like the stadium, where it's going to take place, the amount of fans that will attend, the motivation of the team, etc. For example, with the USA-Costa Rica match, USA had all of the above factors in their favour. However, my instinct told me that Costa Rica made history once before with the 'aztecazo' [The name given to Costa Rica’s win over Mexico at the Azteca Stadium during CONCACAF qualification for the 2002 FIFA World Cup™]. That's why I made that surprise prediction.

How does it feel to be the current leader for the Honduras League?
Being the official FIFA website and having the credibility that this institution has, it's an honour for me to represent my beloved country Honduras in FIFA Match Predictor. I hope to get more predictions right during the next games and keep representing my country, as many other players do.

What advice can you give to people playing FIFA Match Predictor for the first time?
Just be logical. Think about the technical abilities of the teams, if they play away or at home and, also, the motivation of the players. Combine all of that and, with a bit of luck, everything will be fine!

Would you like to sign off with a message to your fellow predictors?
Thanks a lot to all the technical staff of I want to congratulate you and every single predictor all around the world. We should keep promoting and supporting this beautiful sport that makes us all speak the same language!

The Round 4 deadline for FIFA Match Predictor is rapidly approaching. Make your predictions before 23:59 GMT on Thursday 15 September!