To celebrate the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011™, the Club held a Football Quality Quiz for the duration of the tournament. The aim of the contest was to test football fans’ knowledge of that most sacred of objects: the football!

From a field of thousands only a handful of quiz contestants accurately answered each and every one of the challenging 11 questions centered on the FIFA Quality Concept for Footballs. From this small list of perfect submissions, we held a random prize draw. Six winners walked away with a FIFA Women’s World Cup football signed by one of the following national team captains: Homare Sawa, (No. 10, Japan), Christie Rampone, (No. 3, USA), Caroline Seger, (No. 5, Sweden), Birgit Prinz, (No. 9, Germany), Aline, (No. 4, Brazil) and Christine Sinclair (No. 12, Canada)

Congratulations to our six winners: dj04jjj (Colombia), ChelseaM (Canada), lafierauru (Uruguay), Bloppo (Italy), hyphens-1985 (Nigeria) and leon135100 (Mexico)!

Winners’ words
We talked to a few of the winners and got their thoughts on the quiz as they eagerly awaited the delivery of their prizes.

dj04jjj believes that “a great knowledge on the subject” was what ultimately helped separate him from the pack. The Colombian’s words may seem like boasting, but when you consider how tough the quiz actually was (only 50 contestants managed to answer all 11 questions correctly from over five thousand submissions) there’s no mistaking that only those players that really did their homework managed to gain entry into the final prize draw.

“More quizzes like these in the future,“ said ChelseaM. The Canuck described the quiz as ‘challenging’, ‘fun’ and ‘enjoyable’. When he entered the contest ChelseaM was hoping to win a signed ball from his nation’s beloved team captain Christine Sinclair. It just so happens that one of the six balls was signed by the No. 12 and will be arriving in Canada shortly!

Meanwhile, Uruguay’s lafierauru was completely surprised by the win: “I’m very happy. I did not expect this! To be honest I just entered the contest to have fun and learn and it went very well.” And the Uruguayan’s secret to success? “I do not know, I think the fact that I looked for every answer without leaving anything to chance could have made the difference.”

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