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Username: Euggue
Claim to Club fame:
One of the winners of the limited-edition 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Panini Virtual Sticker Album.
Favourite football quote:
“All that I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football.” Albert Camus.
If I could be any footballer I would be...
Diego Forlan. Because besides the skill, speed and technique, he has a soul, a will, a heart. He is a freaking hero!

A TV reporter from Peru, Euggue describes herself as “just a girl who, unlike a lot of the others, enjoys watching a football match for more than just the handsome players.” Euggue was one of the 1.5 million Club members that became obsessed with the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Panini Virtual Sticker Album. 

The online FIFA World Cup sticker craze spread across the globe as members collected, traded and hunted down stickers to load into their virtual Panini albums. While thousands managed to finish their FIFA World Cup Panini virtual albums before the deadline, only 100 Club members emerged with a very special prize - a limited-edition 2010 FIFA World Cup Panini hardcover book.

In a dramatic twist, the Peruvian squeezed into the top 100 at the last minute, making her the final club member, and the only one in Peru, to claim the special Panini prize. “You should have seen me when I got the first email, I literally jumped to the roof,” she said, “It was exciting, especially when you are a girl who never wins anything.” One member of Euggue’s family was particularly jealous when her package arrived. “My Family didn't understand the excitement, except for my brother, who still tries to offer me stuff to trade it to him,” she said.

In Euggue’s opinion, the first ever FIFA World Cup on African soil was the best ever. “I also loved the 2006 World Cup,” she said, “but there was something different about the last one. There were so many highlights. There was Uruguay’s epic campaign. Forlan, Suarez, Cavani and Abreu were literally heroes. Then there was Robben’s performance. He almost claimed the cup for his country... And Spain, even when the final was a very even match, proving why they were the favorites. I also liked the idea of Maradona as a coach and am sorry he did not deliver.”

It took the Peruvian Panini winner almost two months to complete the online album and even that wasn’t enough to fulfill her Panini passion. She also completed the physical version of the album. “It was a bit harder (to complete) than the virtual one,” she said.

Euggue‘s foray into the world of online stickers began as a way to follow the FIFA World Cup experience with a friend. “A good friend of mine was on a long trip and could not have the real album,” she said, “so she talked me into playing the online version with her. I liked it and kept collecting until I got the last sticker.”

The South American football fanatic has a unique choice of favourite teams and leagues (Netherlands, Italy and Portugal). “I’ve always been a big fan of the underdogs,” said Euggue. “The ones who don’t really get to be the center of the attention.”

“I like the Netherlands, and the Dutch league...I like the technique and the will that they put on the field," she said. "Italian football is really defensive but it always surprises me. It’s strong, it’s willing, it’s hungry. As for the Portuguese... it’s a very offensive-defensive way of playing; it’s very emotional.”

Euggue concluded our interview with an inspiring and eloquent message for the FIFA.com community: “Football is, after love, the most beautiful thing in the world. Players make mistakes, coaches make mistakes, fans make mistakes, but the game is above all that. I believe Diego Maradona said it best: 'La pelota no se mancha' (The ball does not stain).”