When asked what three words he would use to describe our FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Quiz, Grand Prize winner Gefuehlsme replied with “awesome, tricky and unique”.

And tricky it was! In total, 30,000 answers were submitted on FIFA.com as quiz players tried to figure out each of our 30 quiz questions. Roughly 16,000 of those submissions were correct and therefore eligible to be entered into our final prize.

Thanks to his superb quiz knowledge - which earned him a number of entries into the prize draw - Gefuehlsme claimed the Grand Prize. Our Women’s Football Quiz champion will enjoy the opening match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 at Berlin’s historic Olympic Stadium. Gefuehlsme wasn’t the only winner, however. We also had two fantastic runner-up prizes.

Footballs and signed jerseys

Second-placed runner-up farsi1 will receive a jersey signed by all-time FIFA Women's World Cup top goal scorer Birgit Prinz. The Egyptian-American believes his knowledge of women’s football helped him finish with a prize. “Please hold more competitions like the Women’s World Cup Quiz,” said farsi1, “because it raises the level of football knowledge for everyone.”

Please hold more competitions like the Women’s World Cup Quiz, because it raises the level of football knowledge for everyone.

Second-placed runner up 'farsi1'

Our third place runner-up hails from Mexico and was enthusiastic about the contest. “I’m very happy,” said NANDEMON, “Football is my passion and I feel that all the time invested in this quiz was totally worth it.” NANDEMON has earned an official Germany 2011 football for his efforts.

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