Last month, McDonald’s FIFA World Cup™ Fantasy winner zercy-FIN received his Grand Prize at a special ceremony in his hometown. At the end of the event, the Finnish fantasy champion drove away in a brand new Kia Sorento. We talked to zercy-FIN after he received his prize. 907,921 managers played McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy. How did you beat them?
zercy-FIN: Sometimes, mystical things just happen in life! You definitely need luck combined with a lot of studying things like match previews and news to beat other fantasy managers.

At what stage of the tournament did you think, ‘I am going to win this’?
When I realized that I was ranked No1 two weeks before the end, I tried to do everything I could to hold onto that ranking! When the referee blew the whistle in the final I was sure that I had won.

Did you find that your 2010 FIFA World Cup experience was different because of your involvement in McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy?
For me it was an unforgettable FIFA World Cup after the huge win in the fantasy game. The final weeks of the World Cup were really difficult to watch. At that stage everything affected everything. I think the semi-final stage was maybe the toughest stage for me to watch.

When you first joined the Club and began to play the McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy game, what were your expectations?
I just wanted to create a team to get more of a thrill from the 2010 World Cup. My friends created a private league and I joined in. It was just for fun to see who was the best in our private league.

How does it feel to be driving around in a brand new car, which you won simply by signing up for the Club and playing games?
It's an unbelievable situation to be in. The Kia Sorento is such a fantastic car. I would never have imagined that I could own that car.

As someone who had to make predictions on player and team performances, what was the biggest surprise for you of South Africa 2010?
Uruguay and Ghana offered a lot of unforgettable moments for football fans. I would have to say Diego Forlan's huge leadership and Asamoah Gyan's fantastic goals.

What was your fondest memory of the World Cup in South Africa?
There were so many good memories. One of them was definitely when Iker Casillas saved Oscar Cardozo's penalty.

You are currently playing FIFA World Leagues Predictor and are doing quite well (ranked 7 in Finland). Do you find the two types of games very different?
After winning McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy I got so many invites, that I decided to take part in FIFA World Leagues Predictor. I sometimes forget to make my predictions. I prefer the fantasy game. In fantasy you have more possibilities to affect your points.

Lastly, Do you have any words of advice for future McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy Players?
Don't take the competition too seriously and enjoy the coming summer!