During the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, The FIFA.com Club gave away sixty-two* official adidas Jabulani kick-off balls in our Kick-Off Ball Quiz. Over one million Club members played the quiz and tried desperately to get their hands on a priceless piece of FIFA World Cup history.

We’ve been receiving photos from some of our lucky winners and we’ve decided to share some of them with our Club community. To view some of the Kick-Off Ball winners' photos, click on the photo-gallery on the right. The Club also spoke to two of our lucky Jabulani Kick-Off Ball winners. Here’s what they had to say about claiming a tangible piece of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

Mexico’s logan619 - the winner of the USA-Algeria Kick-Off Ball - was at school when he received a phone-call from his sister to tell him that his Kick-Off Ball had arrived. “I returned home as quickly as possible,” said logan619. His Kick-Off Ball is now proudly on show for friends and family in a display case in the middle of his room.

I immediately opened the box and then I started doing 'jueguitos' with the ball!

Kick-Off Ball winner 'Lionaldo' on receiving his prize.

logan619 described the feeling of receiving the ball: “Wow, it is the best thing that has happened to me, I love soccer and I never thought I would have an original piece of the World Cup. From now, no matter what happens, the Kick-Off Ball will be my most precious treasure.”

Meanwhile in Argentina, Lionaldo’s ball sits on a pedestal in his room. Lionaldo won the ball from the Portugal-Brazil match, beating 23,795 other participants for that particular quiz. The diploma certifying his ownership of the ball is displayed proudly next to it, in case any of his friends get any ideas!

Lionaldo got a friend to film the moment he received his rare Jabulani. “I immediately opened the box and then I started doing ‘jueguitos’ (juggling) with the ball!”

The Argentinian echoed fellow winner logan619’s sentiments about owning a piece of the FIFA World Cup. “It means a lot to me. I always followed the World Cup and, of course, having the chance to get one of the balls used in a match is something great. It brings me huge happiness. This contest is the best one I can remember.”

logan619 and Lionaldo are both currently playing our latest contest, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Flashback Quiz. The 30-day quiz is a test of fans' 2010 FIFA World Cup knowledge and the Grand Prize is a Kia Soul.

“I think it's a great idea,” Lionaldo said, commenting on our latest contest. “The fact that World Cup fans have the chance to win balls, flags, grass, t-shirts or anything like that. I hope there'll be more contests soon!

*The kick-off balls for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Opening Match and Final were not included. Winners for these two quizzes received a Jabulani match ball that was used during these aforementioned matches.