"Bringing happiness with me"
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My name’s Cristina, I’m 52 years old. Everything started when I was little, around 11, when I saw a car packed full of balls and sports equipment (cones, ropes, nets etc.).

I recall being very excited because I’ve always loved sport, especially football, and I couldn’t help picturing myself with a car like that, bringing happiness with me everywhere I went. At that very moment, the car’s owner arrived, an athletic-looking guy who told me he was a Physical Education teacher.

Time passed by, but my ambition remained the same. I ended up becoming a P.E. teacher, specialising in football. I teach football wherever I go, explaining the fundamentals, the positions, attacking and defensive tactics. There’s always a big group that comes together whenever a football game starts, with plenty of fun and banter.

Before, I used to travel on foot, by bike, or hitch a lift with a passing truck. Later on, a friend lent me an old car, which I used to tentatively begin turning my dream into reality. However, given that the car is so old, you can’t get replacement parts for it and I’m always having mechanical problems. For example, I can’t go out with it on rainy days as the windscreen wipers are broken and I can’t get hold of a replacement, all of which turns driving, which should be a pleasure, into something tiring and unsafe.

I’m very popular among the professionals, pupils, communities and schools in my area, thanks to my dedication and the affection I show. People call me ‘Tia Cris’ (Aunt Cris) or ‘Treinadora’ (Coach). That’s why I need this marvelous Kia Sportage. It would give me the consistency, safety, comfort and, I’m sure, enjoyment that would enable me to complete a project I’ve been working towards since childhood. Rain or shine, I’m going to be able to travel anywhere and everywhere, passing on my knowledge non-stop.

Because the Kia Sportage is so spacious and comfortable, I would be able to put in a DVD player so that on rainy days I could divide up my players into groups and we could watch a classic football match and I could provide my insight on the game. I could also take them to watch a game live in a big stadium. I’d be turning the Kia Sportage into a mobile football training centre.

I’m sending photos to accompany my story. In the first photo I’m busy hitchhiking in the back of a truck. The second picture is all about pure joy and the third, which is more recent, was taken with the old car and with the girls who are now also playing the game. Social inclusion through sport!

- Crismaricá