Crown Trace FC

A community plagued with social issues: drugs, teenage pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, etc. It just needed one man to accept the call to make the difference in the lives of the youth of Crown Trace, Enterprise, thus creating a positive impact. 

The Crown Trace Community inspired Nicholas Griffith to act in order to save the youth from social degradation. At the age of 20 he “dreamt big” as he wanted to make his community a better place.

On January 17th, 2009 Nicholas decided to form a football club. He was faced with indiscipline and violence at times amongst teenage gangs. Nicholas was determined to show these youngsters that football as a vehicle can take them to higher heights. March 2009, the Crown Trace Football Club entered a competition. Being new to the competition and challenged, they did not win many games. At matches they would hear statements such as: “Way them thieves coming from?” Nicholas knew that change can be created in the youth of his community.

CTFC grew from a membership of 18 in 2008 to 83 in 2010. At a national level the club held the Republic Cup Zonal crown for 4 years consecutively in the U-15 and U-17 and 2 years in the U-10 and U-12 divisions. In the CFA youth football league Crown Trace Football Club held the crown for U-15 and U-17 for 4 years. The club also represented Central FC at the Youth Pro League U-13 in season 2k13; this was an opportunity to represent in the professional league. It took one man with a dream, passion and the power of football!